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#AbrahamHicks ~ Moving Beyond What Is (Money Focus) ~ Part 2

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#AbrahamHicks ~ Moving Beyond What Is (Money Focus) ~ Part 2

"I feel like I'm doing that. A lot. Like, I'm feeling so awesome. Like, so great."

Yea. For sure.

"So that's why my question is, is like, I know I've heard you say before, if you don't have something you're not ready for it. Like, y'know, if you're- If something hasn't manifested-"

Yea. You're not ready- If you don't have something that you want, you're not ready for it, but how quick can you be ready for it? Now. [laughter and clapping]

Because you don't have to change all of the conditions. That would take...too long. [laughter]


You don't have to change the conditions. You don't have to get anybody else to even understand.

All you gotta do is choose fear or love. All you gotta do is choose happy or sad.

All you gotta do is choose, in this moment, not to wobble, and you can. Especially if you start early in the day.

Don't wait until 3 o'clock in the afternoon and try to be wobble-free. Too much happened. Too much happened. Too much momentum. Start early, and keep it going.

"You're basically saying, just keep doing what I'm doing, but have more patience?"

What we're saying is, keep doing some of what you're doing and do this stuff we just said, too. [laughter and clapping]

You're doing extremely well, but you are living, like everybody you know, some conditional love.

You're saying- You're wanting the condition to shift first. And in the absence of the condition shifting, because it won't shift first, then you don't do the vibrational shift.

Ooo, we have such a good conversation that we've been having lately, don't we?

So, let's start it from that wobble-free basis.

You know that you are an extension of source energy.

You know that you're more than you see here in these physical bodies.

You know that you are a vibrational being, in a vibrational universe.

You know that law of attraction is managing all of that perfectly.

You know that life has caused you to ask for some things that you're not in alignment with yet.

You know that that doesn't matter, because the source within you is in alignment with it? And it's in an eternal pattern of readiness for you, just waiting for you to get on the path. Just waiting for you to create the atmosphere that allows it.

It's not going away.

It doesn't have an expiration date on it. Nobody else is gonna sweep in and snatch it out from under you. That there's no possibility that you're not going to, eventually, realize it. The only question is, how soon are you going to realize it?

And the answer to that question is, how soon are you going to let the condition of it not being here not bother you?

That's the rub.

'It's not here, and I'm bothered.'

But, when it's not here and you're not bothered, because you can feel it...

Esther sits at her beautiful house in Del Mar, and looked out one day, and the ocean was gone. It was nowhere to be seen. It'd been there the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that. But today, it was not there. And she did not panic, because she was wise enough to know it really was there even though she had- Could not see it right now.

Now, this is where this analogy goes squirrely.

She had lived the ocean being there before. So it was easy for her to accept that something she really wanted to see would be seen again. But when you're on the leading edge of creation, creating something for yourself that you have not lived before? It takes something beyond memory.

It takes a vibrational tuning to a vibrational reality.

Some have called it faith. We call it alignment. Today we're calling it unconditional alignment.

Holding the feeling- Not the vision. If you try to hold the vision, it'll get squirrely on you. Don't try to hold the vision. Hold the feeling.

Hold the feeling.

And what's the emotion?

What is the emotion behind what you're reaching for? What's the emotion?


Fun is a really good emotion. What else? Fun?


What things are fun? What things are fun?


What emotional thing- What emotions are fun? What emotions tie right in with fun?

Clarity is so fun. Carity is so fun. Clarity is so fun.

Certainty is so fun.

Surprise is so fun.

Rendezvous is so fun.

Not seeing it coming, but being there when it gets there is so fun.

Adventure is so fun.

Expansion is so fun!

Fulfillment is so fun.


Love... Oh love is so delicious. Love is so fun. Love is so good.

Humor is so fun. Laughing is so fun.

Good timing is so fun.

You live in a situation comedy. [laughter]

You do. You live in a situation comedy. ...But you're missing lots of the jokes. [laughter]

So it's not fun. We're having so much fun. [Abraham laughs] We're having so much fun.

'Oh look. He went that way and she went that way. They were almost rendezvoused. Oh look... Oh look.'

'Oh look, his fortune's over there and he's over there.'

"[laughter]" [laughter]

We're not making fun of you. [laughter]

Not exactly.

"[laughter]" [laughter]

We stand in a place of knowing your wellbeing even when you don't know it, so we're light about what you're living. And when you get light about what you're living you'll have more fun. And more ease. And more money. And more of all of the things that you want.

But so many of you say, and mean, 'If I had that, I'd feel this. And if I had that, I would feel this. And if I had that, I would feel this.' And we're saying, 'Feel this, and then you'll have that. Feel this, and then you'll have that. Feel this, and then you'll have that.'

And there's such freedom in that, because then-

Because, do you know- Oh… Oh. We love saying this to you.

We're just gonna savor it ourselves for a while. It's so good.

There is more that you want that you are let- You are yet to receive than you have received.

You're just scratching the surface of what's possible. And look how well you're doing. You're just scratching the surface.

You- You- You've got a place to live. But do you know what's coming?

Your planet is doing fine economically, but do you know what's coming?

You are enlightened to a degree, but do you know what's coming?

So, we just want you to understand that it's easy for us to feel good about where you are. Because we understand where you really are. And we are so excited about your realization of what already is vibrationally, and the fun that we will all have as it moves from the vibrational reality into the tangible, which is when you want to pronounce it fun.

It's fun for us to come to a room like this. Broadcasting around the world.

It's fun for us to…rendezvous with you. And feel the vortexual version of you. And to behold the so-far manifested- The so-far­ manifested version of you in relationship to the vibrational reality version of you, and to anticipate the delicious unfolding of your paths.

Just the way you planned it.

Not one of you said, 'I'll go forth and figure it all out at once.' What would be the point of that? What would be the fun of that?

Not one of you said, 'I'll go forth into a problem-free environment.' Really. What would be the fun of that?

Every one of you said, 'I'll go forth, tune to my frequency, and I will experience the most loved, blessed state of being as everything that I define from my perspective that is important, or valued, or wanted comes into realized manifestation for me because I  am creator. That's what you said.

You didn't say, 'God is the creator, and I am the student.'

You didn't say, 'God is the puppeteer, and I am the puppet.'

You said, 'I am the creator who has come into this environment, who will be inspired by the perfection of this variety to ideas that have not been before. And when the idea is born within me I will feel the fullness and the power of it. And when I come into full resonance of it, Ahh… I will have a moment in time of perfection. And I will do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, because I am eternally- I am eternally creator.'

You are in a state of eternal becoming, you see.

And today… Today, you've come closer to the realization of how all of that happens than ever before.

And you know, the piece that has been most misunderstood by you has just come into place for you.

You've got to create the emotional atmosphere that allows the realization of the path.

The path that will keep leading, but it's not where the path is leading that matters. It's the path. It's the path.

We want you to have lots of money, because we want you to have lots of fun. But we want you to have lots of fun because fun is fun.

We want you to find somebody who loves you because that's nice. But we want you to love because that's what really matters.

We want all of the things that you've identified that you want but, above all of those - all of them, all of them put together - what we want most for you is that feeling within you of certainty. That 'I'm in the right place, and I am at the right time, and I am the right person, and I am in the right vibration. And now I can be the realizer of things that are delicious and wonderful.'

In other words, it's your goodness we want you to feel. It's your worthiness we want you to feel. It's your rightness that we want you to feel. It's your wholeness that we want you to feel. It's us that we want you to feel, you see.

Involved in everything that you're about.

So, when you feel happy, that's us, being happy. And you're on the wavelength.

But we're happier because of what you carved out. Because you know what makes us happy? Moving into that place we have not been before.

It's that expansion into that new.

That's what you provide.

You're willing to sift through the questions and sift through the contrast, and experience the problems in order to launch the rockets that we all ride on. And then we stand in excited, exhilarated anticipation of you then finding your vibrational alignment with that, and together we experience the fullness of the manifestation in this time-space reality.

This is the leading edge. This is where that which man calls God- This is where source presents itself. But not separate from you. Through you. And because of you. And same as you, you see.


It is awesome.

"[laughter]" [laughter and applause]

"Can I ask one more quick question?"

#AbrahamHicks ~ Moving Beyond What Is (Money Focus) ~ Part 1

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#AbrahamHicks ~ Moving Beyond What Is (Money Focus) ~ Part 1

"Greetings. First I'd like to thank you for your teachings and coming to Chicago. Awesome." [applause]

"What a gift. What a gift."

We're everywhere you are.

"It's nice to see you."

Yea. Nice to be seen. Usually just a nebulous mist. [laughter]

"So...[clears throat] My life is amazing. I love my life so much, and I have so much abundance. I have a beautiful, strong, healthy body. I have a loving, supportive family. My parents are the best. I get to do things I love, every day."

And are you using- Are you using these delicious a reason to feel good?


And, the reason it works is because there's no wobble in any of those.

Don't you like knowing that?

In other words, no wobble. No wobble, so they just keep feeding you.

So, unconditional? No. There's a condition, but it's a wobble-free condition. You felt your way into that. So you got this solid platform, and from here you can go anywhere. Yea?

"Yea. ...So...[clears throat] I'm aware of all this abundance and, vibrationally, I know that I have a large amount of money waiting for me in my grid. But I don't see it."

Well, then you have to get your eye off the abundance called dollars and on the abundance called clarity. And on the abundance called vitality. And on the abundance called energy.

In other words, ... Move it in your mind, so that the abundance that you are feeling holds no absence that causes resistance in the mix. And, as you hold that true, steady, chronic - not always. Not 100%. Just mostly. - steady feeling of abundance, abundance will show itself to you in every way that you will allow it in the moment.

"I'm seeing that."


"That's why I wanted to start off saying that first, because I'm seeing- I mean, every day I feel better and better. I feel more alive. My life has changed so much."

See, there's a tricky thing in this. We wanna address this. The 'better and better' thing has a little edge to it. Because it's like, it's gonna get better, which means it's not enough now.

There's resistance in that.

So you wanna focus- You wanna focus the resistance out of it by addressing solely the good that it is.

It's so interesting. We appreciate so much your staying with us with this intensity, because we say 'You create your own reality.' And you say, 'Okay, so far so good.' And we say, 'And there's a vibrational what-is.' And you say, 'I can't see it.' And we say, 'But can you feel it?' And when you reach the place that you are able to acknowledge that you feel the vibrational reality, then you're off and running, because when you feel it you are-

Because the feeling of it is a manifestation. 

And that manifestation will increase into something that is so tangible that, not only do you see it, but everyone around you sees it, too.

"So I guess my question is, is there something vibrationally I'm doing or not doing-"

Too much effort.

Trying too hard. Trying to move yourself from the not having to the having, instead of preparing yourself for the having by acknowledging what you already have.

"Can you say-"

I've already-

"Can you say that again?" [laughter]

The best way to prepare yourself for what you have not yet is by acknowledging what you have.

It's the vibration- It's the vibration of appreciation. 

It's the- It's the 'things are always working out for me'. It's the general statements that 'I don't know how it's gonna get here, when it's gonna come, or where it's gonna come from, or who's gonna bring it. I just know it's coming and that's enough. I can feel it. I can feel it.'

Because, when you can feel it- This is the piece that we want you to hear:

Once you're feeling it, you're translating the vibrational reality into a reality, because the feeling is a reality.

Can you accept that? The feeling is a reality, so once you're feeling it, it's fast on the trail. 

Once you're feeling it, it's gonna light up this way, and this way, and this way, and you're gonna discover- You're already discovering, but oh, so fun as this unfolds, because you begin to realize that it was never getting anywhere that you ever wanted anyway. It was the going.

It's the trail lighting up. It's the trail lighting up.

You don't want it all at once. You think you do, but you don't. You don't want it all at once. You want just enough to satisfy you now. Just enough to thrill you now. Just enough to fulfill you now. Just enough to call you now.

"So let that be enough, for now, and then watch everything-"

It's gotta be enough.

You see, this is the thing. Okay. Here. Here we go.

So, what is-

What is manifested, is what it is.

You'd like a lot more money. You'd like a lot more organization. You'd like a lot more momentum. You'd like a lot more- We're speaking pretty much for everybody. You'd like a lot more of the things that feel good. You'd like more of what-is. You'd like more of the good things of what-is.

You with us?

You want more of the good things of what-is, but stand thinking about the more of the good things of what-is, and do you not acknowledge that in the wanting more of the good things that are- More cars. More houses. More lovers. More money.

Can you feel, in the wanting more of what-is, there's a vibrational flipping, because you're calling yourself attention to what's missing in the what-is.

Can you feel it a little bit?

It's what we were saying earlier. "Abraham, please, let's just get the money out of the vortex and into the bank."

Until it's in the bank, when you look in the bank for the money that isn't there, y'know what you feel? 

When you look in the bank-

This is the best way we've ever said it and we're- This microphone is right in the wrong place.

When you look in the bank for the money that isn't there, how do you feel?

When you look in the vortex for the money that is there, can you see how have a better chance of feeling good?

So, when you look into the vibrational reality, because of your-

Friends... How do you think you have become?

They didn't fly you in from other planets. [laughter]

They're not trucking resources in from other places.

This environment is evolving.

How do you think these things are turning to things from thoughts? How's it happening?

There's a vibrational realization thing that's happening.

All this stuff that you wanna call reality isn't the reality that you think that it is. It's your interpretation of a reality. And until you get that, then you're not gonna have a smooth transfer from the vibration into the reality.

So, we're giving you an easy way to understand this. 'The money isn't in the bank yet, and when I look at the money that isn't in the bank yet, that I want and need, I feel negative emotion. And the negative emotion is because I'm looking in the wrong place. I'm looking in the bank instead of into the vibrational reality.'

If you'll look in the vibrational reality, where it is, now you'll resonate with the source within you, you'll feel wonderful, and when you feel wonderful that's the condition that is necessary for the thoughts to turn to things.

Ahhh. [applause]

That's the condition that is necessary for the thoughts to turn to things. But if you are conditionally-based, running around sorting the things. Acknowledging the things. Measuring the things. Comparing the things. Noticing the things you've got and the things that you don't have, then you can't move beyond the existing conditions.


You can't move beyond what-is if what-is is all you've got going on in your vibration.

And you've trained yourself to be such...obedient observers of what-is that you slow the process from turning thoughts to things.

You slow the process of turning what you've already created, what you've asked for, and what source has lined up, into the manifested equivalent, you see.

So that's why, you've been listening to us for a while. You've heard us say things to you like, 'If you can want to think about it because of the way it makes you feel-'

In other words, if you can take the money out of the equation, and just put the emotion in the equation, now you've got it, you see.

The money will follow. The money will follow. The lovers will follow. Everything will follow the emotion. But you've gotta find the emotion. You've gotta be secure in the emotion. You've gotta show yourself that you can feel the emotion unconditionally.

You gotta unconditionally love. You've gotta unconditionally feel clarity.

You can't demand that the condition perform in a way in order to give you the knee-jerk response.

Eventually, it will. And you'll have a really nice rhythm going.

But if you can feel it before it shows itself to you, when it shows itself to you, you'll feel it. And if you can feel it before it shows itself to you, when it shows itself to you, you will feel it. And after a while you'll have this momentum going where you can't tell if you're feeling it or if it's showing itself to you because it's all unfolding so rapidly. So beautifully.

Such a dance of perfection, you, and the source within you, and all of the cooperative components of the universe assisting you in the fulfillment of every thing you want, you see.

Nothing off limits. 

Nothing off limits.

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#Abraham-Hicks 2017 ~ Opening Words ~ Part 4 (Final Part) ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017 #LawofAttraction

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#Abraham-Hicks 2017 ~ Opening Words ~ Part 4 (Final Part) ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017 #LawofAttraction

So, what we wanna convince you about today is that the essence of everything that you want is fully active in your vortex.

But we also want you to understand, it's not just the essence of it that's fully active. It's the path. It's the full blown path. It's the understanding of everyone who will help you along the way in the full receiving of what you want. It's all there for you.

But just because you can't see it does not mean it isn't there. It's in that vibrational state that you are not yet keen to hear.

It's like your dog can hear things you can't hear? But you don't say, 'Stop faking.' [laughter]

'I know you're not hearing anything, so put those ears down.' [laughter]

'You can't smell that either. Stop pretending. Stop pretending that you have a different reality than I do.'

You don't say that, do you, because you accept that your dog does have a different reality than you do. Has a different ability to hear, and see, and smell, and taste.

The beasts of your planet are much more in alignment with their inner beings, and therefore they're having a much fuller physical experience than you often are allowing yourself.

And so, if you can accept that there is a vibrational frequency that you can get better and better and better at tuning yourself to, then the fun begins. Because so often you think that the fun is, 'Oh just give it to me and then I'll have fun. When I have all the money I need, then I'll start having fun.' Or, 'When I get that job, then I'll have fun.' Or, 'When I find that mate, then I'll have fun.'

And we say, 'You can't get there from there.' You've gotta be ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready.

And what you're going to discover, if you can hear us clearly today - or maybe what you've already discovered because your life has already shown it to you - is that it is as satisfying to be ready for this as it is to be ready for this.

When you really get it that it's the process.

You've ben saying it as humans for a long time: That the joy is in the journey. But few of you really meant it. [laughter]

What you meant is, 'I'll put up with the crappy, happy journey-' [laughter]

'-if it'll get me what I want.' That's what you really meant. And then you said, 'But hurry up.' [laughter]

'But hurry up.'

But after a while, when you begin to accept that life is continuing to cause you to put more things into your vortex, and more things in your vortex are reaching maturation, and that those that are ready for you to be received if provided you're in the receiving mode, you'll begin getting the impulses and oh boy, does it feel good as it becomes.

You'll reach the place where a day will be full of rendezvous after rendezvous, after rendezvous, after rendezvous, after rendezvous. You will feel like there is a concierge in the sky orchestrating every wonderful thing that happens to you.

And, in fact, it is just that way.

So… We are eager to visit with you about anything that matters to you. It is our desire to help you to realize how close to the receiving mode that you're in, and to maybe help you soften resistance on some points that are stuck in your vibrational craw, that are keeping you from being the receiver of what you want.

We love it when you find understanding. We like it so much when you deliberately tune to the frequency of who you are, because then you allow your inner being, who's always flowing to you and through you, to be realized by you.

You can't block us. We're still flowing to you and through you. But if you don't know it, it's not good for you. Still good for us…but it's not good for you. Still good for us…but not good for you. And when you are in the receiving mode - when you receive that clear thought, that clear thought that we're thinking. That clear knowing that we are holding. When you allow yourself that, then the satisfaction that you feel is your indicator of our alignment. Because your emotions - and satisfaction is certainly an emotion that we're gonna be focusing on here today.

When you realize that your emotions are your indicator of how much of your inner being you are allowing yourself to realize in this moment. How much of the fullness of who you are you're allowing yourself to recognize…

The better you feel the more open to your wholeness that you are.

The worse you feel the more pinched off you are.

And you can give every excuse in the world, and you can find excuses that are even believable by the masses around you. You can explain why you hate that person, and how much you hate that person, and how justified you are in hating that person, and a whole lot of others will agree with you.

But your inner being won't.

And your inner being is the only relationship that matters to you… Because your alignment with your inner being is your gateway to the fullness of who you are.

And living happily ever after is all about that, and only that.

So, what do you~ wanna talk about? …Ah.

It's gonna be a good day. [soft laughter]

A particularly good day. Yea.

…Who are you people? [laughter]

You're after it, aren't you?

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#Abraham-Hicks 2017 ~ Opening Words ~ Part 3 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017 #LawofAttraction

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#Abraham-Hicks 2017 ~ Opening Words ~ Part 3 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017 #LawofAttraction

 [Part 1] [Part 2]
So step 1 is: Contrast causes you to ask. Step 2 is: Source answers. Step 3 is: You've gotta get in the receiving mode.

Receiving mode. Receiving mode, so that you can feel the satisfaction of witnessing these thoughts turning to things.

And when you get really good at that- When you meditate every day. Or when you are often an appreciator. When life is feeling good to you. When the edge is not so edgy in your life experience. When you occasionally have a negative emotion, but mostly you feel wonderful, then we announce that you have accomplished step 4.

Step 4 is: The mastery of step 3. How about that.

Might seem silly to give a whole step to the mastery of a step before it, but it's what we've done. [laughter]

Because when it's easy for you to stay, or to get back to, that receiving mode, that appreciative mode, then you're in a place where what's in the vortex - the vibrational version of it, which is presenting itself to you all day every day - begins to be heard by you.

It's like you line up with it. It's like you tune into it.

So, it goes like this: You're bippin' along. You know what you don't want, you know what you do want. Your vortex is full of enough to keep you busy for 20 or 30 lifetimes. Really. Law of attraction has been responding to it. Cooperative components have been gathered. And all of this is queued up, ready for you to begin a conscious realization of it.

So source, who knows where you are in relationship to what you have already created, is offering you a steady thought stream. A path to lead you to the full satisfaction of these things that you want. And we call it a path of least resistance because you, dear hearts - and it's alright - you've put a whole bunch of resistance on your path.

But your inner being knows what all of your hang ups are, what all your hindering beliefs are, and your inner being is offering you ideas of how to get to where you want to be even though there's resistance on your path.

Your inner being isn't saying, 'Oh, there's resistance on your path. Go get rid of it and then come back and we'll talk.'

Your inner being isn't saying, 'Oh, too much resistance for you. You're doomed to an unpleasant life.' [laughter]

Your inner being just constantly offers ideas about how you can get to where you want to be.

It's like, Esther losing her gold pen. She couldn't find it anywhere. She searched for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and weeks about it. Finally gave up. Looked everywhere, in every handbag and in every drawer. Even moved to a whole new place. Boxed everything up, unboxed everything, and finally said, "I guess I have to face the fact I've lost my beautiful gold pen.

And then one day - because we knew where it was…and she was so convinced that it was lost that she couldn't find it, even though her hand had searched through that bag so many times. Do you know when you're looking for something that you don't believe is there, your hand cannot find it? You'll go there when it's over there, and then you'll go there when it's over there. Then you'll shake it over there. You cannot defy these laws of the universe.

So, one day we offered to her a suggestion that she look for something else. It was a little perfume spray that she liked. And she thought, 'Ooo, I think the last time I used it, it was in that bag.' She reached in and came out with her pen. [laughter]

Path of least resistance.

You might call it trickery. [laughter]

Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be.

You think you're looking for this, but really what you do is find that. And you know that. You've had that experience many times, haven't you? Looking for your keys, you're on your way out the door - or you don't even know you don't have your keys - and then you remember something else and you go back for that bottle of water and there are your keys, and you think, 'Oh, wasn't that lucky that I needed this bottle of water or I would not have found my keys.'

It wasn't lucky. It was your inner being who knew where the keys were.

Path of least resistance.

And so, your vortex is full of all of this knowing, all of this reality. All of it queued up. All of the cooperative components gathered for you. And then you, in some vibrational relationship to that knowing.

The better you feel the more on point you are.

The worse you feel the more oblivious you are.

You recognize that in yourself, don't you…

So let's say you've been meditating. You've been appreciating. You're mostly tuned in, tapped in, turned on. And so, you are in the vicinity of what's in your vortex, and there you are - maybe you've just meditated and you've cleared your mind. It's such a wonderful state of being. And then, near the end of your meditation a thought occurs to you. This sweet thought comes into your mind and you can feel the exhilaration of it, because it's a pure idea straight from source.

Now, we don't mean pure in the sense that it's only talking about spiritual things, by your standards.

Esther came out of meditation the other day and the first thought she had was, 'Oooo, I'd like to move the furniture around in my house.' Many would say, 'Hmm, we might be in the wrong seminar.' [laughter]

But it was such a good-feeling thought. And what it lead to was a series of events that just knocked Esther's socks off by the time it was finished. The people that she met and the things that ensued as a result of that beginning thought.

And so, when that first sweet thought comes to you - and by that sweet thought we mean that thought that is not burdened by doubt or disbelief. That first really good, satisfying thought comes, then you're off and running. And once you allow yourself to be the receiver of those good-feeling thoughts - and even more important, the understander of why you had access to such a thought, and what that thought would lead to.

It's like getting ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready for the full manifestation.

But so often you just want the full manifestation. You don't wanna be ready to be ready, to be ready [Abraham repeats ready rapidly]. You just say, 'I want it, and I want it now.'

And when it doesn't come now, because you weren't ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, then you say, 'I must not be worthy.' Or, 'I must not be in the path of goodness.' Or, 'It's that reason, or that reason, or that reason.' And then you practice the thought of it not coming to you rather than allow the thoughts of it coming.

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Opening Words ~ Part 2 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017

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Opening Words ~ Part 2 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017

So you began creating a vibrational reality.

This vibrational reality is so real…and yet vibrational. So real, but because it's vibrational - everything is - but because it's vibrational you can't yet see it, or hear it, or smell it, or taste it, or touch it, and so you have to have faith in its existence, which isn't easy to have if you've been relying on what you see. And hear, and smell, and taste, and touch.

In other words, most humans want to call reality what has already manifested. And we get why you would do that. But the disadvantage to you about that is, if you are relying only upon what you have allowed to turn from vibration into things, so that you and others can see it. If you are only focusing on what-is then you can not easily, or maybe not even at all, allow the improvement that you seek.

Most humans, dear hearts that you are, most of you offer most of your vibration in response to what you are observing. Which means observing with your physical senses. And that's why, for humans, things change very slowly for you, because you are so knotted up in the reality of what-is, even though you're begging for more, and you're praying for more, and you're asking for difference, and you know that difference would be better, you don't let yourself go to the different because what-is has your nearly undivided attention.

And that's what we wanna talk to you about. You can't let what-is occupy so much of your thought and have change occur. You have to be able to think outside of what-is. You have to be able to be hopeful, or believing, in something not yet manifested, because there are things in the process of manifesting. There are things that are turning from vibrations to thoughts, and thoughts to words, and words and thoughts to experiences, and then to full life, full blown see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it experience.

And so, if you are going to be the deliberate creator of your own reality, then you must understand how it is that reality is created.

When you got here there was a lot of already manifested stuff around you. And it is logical that you would look at it and say, 'Well, this is life.' And that you would maybe not remember clearly that you were going to be adding to, and creating more, and molding it into place. But we want you to hear from us, and maybe to spark your memory in, the knowledge that you came to let what-is be the bouncing off place for more. And that it is such a wonderful thing when the contrast of your life experience causes you to know that you prefer something beyond what-is.

And further, to actually consciously know that once you have launched the rocket of desire that the entire universe will work in concert to help you in the manifestation of it. And nothing less than that will do for you.

There is no satisfaction in just coming forth and regurgitating what's already there. You get bored so fast, and really sort of petty about the bad job that they've been doing. [soft laughter]

But when you realize that you are the agents of change, that you are the ones who get to focus, and identify, and know what improvement can be, and then you use the power of your focus - not dissuaded by what-is, not tempted by looking at what's easier to see. Oh, it is so much easier just to look at what is already manifested, isn't it? It's so much easier to see it, and praise it or criticize it. It's so much easier just to look at what-is and weigh in with all of the other statisticians on the goodness and the badness, and the rightness and the wrongness of it. That's really easy to do, but not satisfying.

But if you get to look at it, and out of it you get to identify the improvement that you can see, and then you can find ways of focusing on the improvement, even though it hasn't manifested, but you know you're zeroing in on it because of the way you feel. Because of the satisfaction that you are feeling in your focus, then you get to be one who consciously observes what's in this vibrational reality. This reality that is so real we've given it a name.

We called it a vortex. We wrote two books about it because we want you to accept the reality of this vibrational reality.

If you can accept that you have created a vibrational reality, and that you can fixate on the vibration of what's in it, then you get to be one who witnesses the evolution of these vibrations to thoughts, and these thoughts to words, and these thoughts and words to things. You get to witness the becoming of creation, which is what you came to do.

Not one of you said, 'Oh, I'll go forth and I'll just watch them do it, and then I'll make a list of how well they're doing.' None of you said that.

You said, 'I'll go forth, and life will inspire within me new desire.' You knew that step 1 of the creative process would be born within you just by your participation. Your observation of life experience.

So step one's easy. Life causes you to ask. And when you ask step 2 happens immediately, because that's the vortex. That's where your inner being is. That's where source is. Law of attraction responding to these vibrational requests and gathering all of the cooperative components all together for you to begin to receive them.

But you can't receive these new, improved ideas and experiences if you're still beating the drum of how it is. You've got to be quicker on the launching of the desire and then more willing to focus into a place where it hasn't manifested by following your bliss. By following the feeling. By following the satisfaction. By following the pleasure of the new idea.

And when you learn to hold that frequency - you can do it through meditation. We'll talk about that. It's our favorite, because it's easiest for you. You can do it by appreciation. That's easy, too, provided you're not too far down the road on something other than appreciation.

When you focus in a way that allows you to feel good then you allow your vibration, the vibration of your physical apparatus, to rise to the equivalency of the vibration of your source. To the equivalency of what's in your vortex. And then such wonderful things happen for you. Then you are what we call in the receiving mode, or the allowing mode.

It's like tuning your radio dial. You are in the receiving mode of what's in the vortex. And then? You begin to experience an avalanche of ideas and impulses where you get to witness the actual becoming of what you desire.

There is nothing more exhilarating than to witness your asking being manifest. But, you see, the part that most humans have left out of that equation is, they have forgotten that they must be in the receiving mode, because you must be the translator of the vibration in order to witness it.

Most humans think, 'Oh, well, if I'm good then what I think is God will bless me with what I want. So, if I'm in need of something, and I pray hard for the improvement, then God, or something, will give it to me.' And when it doesn't come, because you stay in the step 1 mode of identifying need, need, need, need, need, need. 'I need, I need, I need, I need, I need.'

Did you know the need vibration and the allowing vibration are so far apart that they aren't even on the same- Well, they are on the same stick, but so far apart on the stick that when you are really needy, you're really blocking what you are desiring.

You can't be needy.

And you say, 'Well, that stinks.' [laughter]

'Because, if I need it, I need it. And if I need it, I'm asking for it. And that book you wrote, Ask and it is Given, stinks, too.' [laughter]

'Because I've been asking, and asking, and asking, and asking, and asking, and it has not come to me. So what gives?'

And then we say, 'Oh, it's given. It's in this vibrational reality.' And you say, 'Oh, that's a nice cover, Abraham.' [laughter]

'It's over there where we can't see it. Nice try.' [laughter]

'How do I get my money out of the damn vortex and into the bank?' [laughter]

'When does it become a reality that is meaningful to me?'

And we say, 'When you tune your vibration to the frequency that allows you to be the witness of the transferring it from vibrational into what is more.'

You see, you don't really have a long enough view from your physical perspective to really get that everything that you see now, in your physical world, was a vibration at one time that has become.

All things, wanted or unwanted, that are manifested in your experience are as result of humans, and others - animals, too - giving attention to subjects.

And so, when you start paying attention deliberately, then you begin exercising more control of what becomes in your experience. So much so that two of you could be walking in a similar direction, in a similar town, on a similar street, and be living such different experiences, because what you're translating from the ethers into reality is very different than what someone else is not allowing to become for themselves.

Do you follow this a bit?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Opening Words ~ Part 1 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017

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Opening Words ~ Part 1 ~ Denver, CO June 17, 2017

 Esther: Hi. This is Esther Hicks, and this is The Law of Attraction Workshop Series. This workshop was recorded in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, the 17th day of June, of the year 2017.


[intro music followed by cheer sand applause]

Esther: Well hello! Hello! [laughter] Ahh, you guys are ready. [cheers from the audience]

I'm glad to see you. Alright. Okay. Thank you so much. Have a seat.


Good morning. [good mornings]

We are extremely pleased that you are here.

It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating. Do you agree? [yeses]

You are knowing what you are wanting? [yeses]


Do you believe that you are a vibrational match to your own desire? [soft yeses]

Then life is feeling pretty good to you, isn't it?

Because when life helps you to identify that you want something, and then you find thoughts that don't contradict your own desire, then it's smooth sailing isn't it? Then it's fun as it evolves and matures and becomes. Because that's what life is all day every day. It's in the state of becoming.

Life helps you to reach for more than what is. And then life delivers to you what you are specifically asking for.

Sometimes, without knowing you're doing it, you get in the way of what you're asking for. You get in the way of the new and improved, because you continue to focus on what already has manifested. And if you're focused upon what already has manifested, like how much money you have in the bank, or how many debts you have in your mailbox- When you focus upon what-is you don't allow the improvement.

So you have to go of any thoughts about what-is that are not pleasing. And in that way you allow this smooth transfer of the things that you want into your experience where you can see them, and hear them, and smell them, and taste them, and touch them. A full manifestation of them.

You are a creator. Do you know that?

You are an extension of magnificent creation. And you create through your vibration, which is to say: You create through your focus, or through your thoughts.

Another way of saying it is: You get what you think about.

But that feels a little too simplistic to you, and often you're thinking such a variety of thoughts, on such a variety of subjects, that you don't really know what you're thinking.

What you're mostly thinking is sort of, kind of, a lot like what you've been thinking. And often what you're mostly thinking is what those around you mostly think.

It's not exactly like being programmed. But you could say that. That you become accustomed to what-is, and so you think about what-is, and then you create more of what-is, and then you call it reality.

And we call that reality that is creation by default. When you just observe, and then offer a vibration, and then get more of it, and observe, and offer a vibration, and then get more of it, and then observe-

It's not purposeful, or deliberate creation. But you came intending to be the deliberate creator of your own environment. And you knew that you had so many resources. You knew that you were in the perfect place, at the perfect time. You knew when you made the decision to come forth into this body, and to be this personality, you knew that what surrounds you would inspire you to new, personal, specific ideas of improvement. And you knew that the entire universe was based upon this leading edge kind of exposure to life.

You knew that you are a leading edge creator. And you knew that it was perfect, and that all was well in it.

So you get here, along with a whole lot of others who are here for the same reason - for the joy of expansion - and you begin observing. Just like you knew you would. And, in your observation, you know what you don't like, and you know what you do like, because you have this personal basis of being-ness.

In other words, you didn't just start with this little infant that your mother named you. You were so much more than that already. You are an ongoing consciousness. A consciousness that lives from lifetime to lifetime. A consciousness who has been in the state of becoming more, and more, and more, and more wonderful. More and more blessed. More and more knowing. More and more sure-footed. More and more clarity.

And so, here you came: Splat. Into this experience. Surrounded by other humans. Many of whom had been here for a while, who had forgotten the freshness, and newness, and clarity, and love of source energy.

And so, you were exposed to them, just as you knew you would be, and you saw and experienced things that felt good, and things that didn't feel good.

In other words, right away your guidance system was working. Right away you could feel the goodness and the not-so-goodness. You could feel the clarity of your inner being, while those around you usually were not talking so much about it. Because they, for the most part, had already sort of moved past that intuitive, spiritual, conscious love connection.

So, many of those around you had already began to compare people to people. Putting them in piles of right and wrong, and good and bad.

And so, you were, without wanting to be, and without those who loved you around you, wanting to dissuade you, you were guided little by little away from your own guidance system. You gave up, pretty early in your life, your desire to think thoughts that felt good to you, and to know the rightness of those thoughts. And you began to be swayed, or persuaded by the crowd, who was often more railing against what was not wanted, than tuning to what is wanted.

But it was all working well for you. It has been. So you knew what you didn't want, and you knew what you did want. And, without knowing it, you were launching these clear rockets of desires about what you do want. You were carving from the framework of your own life a new and improved life experience. You just couldn't help it.

When someone was rude, you knew you wanted more consideration. And when you were rude, you knew you wanted to give more consideration. When you were sick you wanted wellness. And when you had not enough of something you knew you wanted more of it.

In other words, this natural utilization of the environment around you caused you to, right away, add to the continuing of the vibrational reality that you had been in the process of creating from the beginning of your existence, which is longer than we can go back and find the beginning of.

So, the way we're explaining that to you is that you were offering these vibrations, sometimes without knowing it, sometimes knowing it - 'I want a nicer world,' you said. Or, 'I want more money.' Or, 'I want more freedom.' Or, 'I want more respect.' Or, 'I want more agility.'

'I want more. I want more. I want more. I want it to be different than it is. I want more.' Which is the most natural thing that you, as a creator, would be shouting for. More! More wonderful exposure to life, and more evidence of the vibration of your focus. 'I want more.'

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

AbrahamHicks 2016 ~ San Diego CA 2016 Closing Words

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AbrahamHicks 2016 ~ San Diego CA 2016 Closing Words

We're gonna wrap this up.

So, do you know- Do you understand- Let's use that word. We like that word so much.

Do you understand that you create your own reality? [yeses]

Is that alright with you? [yeses]

And do you understand that even though you are beautiful in your physical being-ness, that you're beautiful to see, and to touch, and to hear, and so forth, even though you are beautiful in your physical being-ness, that you are much, much, much, much more than that?

And do you understand that the nonphysical part of you, the soul part, the source part, the energy part, adores your physicality? That your soul or source likes the cellular nature of your being. Enjoys when you eat. That the cells enjoy the nature of the nourishment that you provide. But that your inner being also likes the flavors that you are choosing. Can you sort of get that?

Can you feel that much of your own personal enjoyment is because nonphysical is focused with you, and taking pleasure in this manifestation out here. Is that making some sense to you?

Can you feel the value of thoughts turning to things? Does it make sense to you that this physical environment is the further-est extension of consciousness?

Ah, that's a little tougher for you to say yes to, isn't it? Because it's a little bit of a difference in the way you have been looking at it, but use your logic just for a moment and think about the momentum that we've been talking about all day today. And think about thoughts turning to things, and think about consciousness, and think about creation, and therefore isn't it logical in some way that manifestations, or the translation of vibration into the further 5 senses, is a bigger, bolder,, more complete manifestation than the thought where it began?

Isn't physical environment the leading edge of thought?

And isn't it logical that what you want to call source, what many call God, that what is at the core of you is also out here on the leading edge with you?

Source is coming forward into the now, just like we're asking you to do. Can you feel that?

Source isn't somehow separate from you, back in nonphysical, while you are the pioneers out here on the leading edge. You couldn't be here without the resourcing of source. Everything that you've ever thought of that source was, is right here in the now with you.

Ooo! Don't you like knowing that? And don't you wanna open yourself fully? Not just to the recognizing of it, but of the realizing of it.

Don't you want to feel the fullness of source? Eating your sandwich with you? Don't you? [laughter]

Don't you? Don't you want to relax enough to allow source, who loves your body on a cellular level, each and every one of those trillions of cells in your body, don't you wanna just relax and allow source to embrace and adore, and compliment in every way every facet of your body?

Don't you love being on the leading edge, and don't you love knowing that source came all the way out to this leading edge with you? And don't you like knowing that source has never one time departed from you or deviated from you, or left you hanging out here to dry? That in every case that you have felt pinched off, you've been the pincher-off-er. In every case it has been a thought that you have chosen that has held you in some sort of bogus resistance that is, just for the moment, disallowed you to know how source is feeling in the moment.

Hasn't stopped source from feeling it! Hasn't stopped source from tasting your food. Or loving your body. Or your world. Or your environment. Or your neighbors. It hasn't stopped source from feeling all of that. It's just numbed you to your ability to recognize it.

All you can do is pinch yourself off from the resonating of what source is doing all the time.

You are love in physical bodies.

You are physically manifested love. And intelligence. And brilliance. And worthiness.

We've enjoyed this interaction more than any that has come before. And while we are wise enough to know that we will like tomorrow even more… [laughter]

…we feel complete satisfaction with what we have created together here today.

You are magnificent beings in a perfect world, here, with all of those reasons that you've set forth. And so many of them being satisfied on a moment to moment basis.

There is so much love here for you. And, for now, we are complete.

[applause and closing music]

Esther: Guys! I liked it so much! [laughter] Really nice. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.